NOTE: This list is a "work-in-progress" and is not yet complete.

The Bob Newhart Show has quite a cast of characters. The following lists each one.

Main charactersEdit

Recurring charactersEdit

Bob's patientsEdit

  • Jack Riley as Elliot F. Carlin (76 episodes)
  • lorida Friebus as Mrs. Lillian Bakerman (17)
  • Amzie Strickland as Mrs. Bakermen (2)
  • Renée Lippin as Michelle Nardo (17)
  • John Fiedler as Emil Peterson (15)
  • Oliver Clark as Ed Herd (8)
  • Noam Pitlik as Victor Gianelli (5)
  • Daniel J. Travanti as Victor Gianelli (1)
  • Howard Hesseman as Craig Plager (7)
  • Lucien Scott as Edgar T. Vickers (5)
  • Merie Earle as Mrs. Loomis (4)
  • Rhoda Gemignani as Joan Rossi (3)
  • Michael Conrad as Mr. Trevesco (2)

Bob and Emily's relativesEdit

  • Pat Finley as Ellen Hartley, Bob's sister and Howard's girlfriend (15 episodes)
  • Martha Scott as Martha Hartley, Bob's mother (7)
  • Barnard Hughes as Herb Hartley, Bob's father (3)
  • John Randolph as Cornelius "Junior" Harrison, Jr., Emily's father (3)
  • Ann Rutherford as Aggie Harrison, Emily's mother (2)

Neighbors, friends and othersEdit

  • Patricia Smith as Margaret Hoover, Emily's friend (7 episodes)
  • Tom Poston as Cliff "The Peeper" Murdock, Bob's college friend from Vermont (5)
  • Moosie Drier as Howie Borden, Howard's son (6)
  • Will Mackenzie as Larry Bondurant, Carol's boyfriend and later husband (8)
  • Richard Schaal as Chuck Brock, a boyfriend of Carol's (3)
  • Jill Jaress as Mary Ellen, a girlfriend of Howards's (3)
  • Gail Strickland as Courtney Simpson, a girlfriend of Jerry's (2)
  • Raúl Juliá as Dr. Greg Robinson, Jerry's brother (1)
  • Heather Menzies as Debbie Borden, Howard's younger sister (1)
  • William Redfield as Gordon Borden, the game warden, Howard's brother (1)

Rimbau Medical Arts CenterEdit

  • Larry Gelman as Dr. Bernie Tupperman, urologist (13 episodes)
  • Howard Platt as Dr. Phil Newman, cosmetic surgeon (6)
  • Shirley O'Hara as Debbie Flett, temp receptionist (3)
  • Kristina Holland as Gail Bronson, Carol's vacation replacement (2)
  • Phillip R. Allen as Dr. Frank Walburn, another psychologist (2)
  • Teri Garr as Miss Brennan, Dr. Walburn's receptionist (2)